DISHES is a documentary about collecting Fiesta. It was shot over the summer of 2003 and finished production in March 2004.

Fiesta is the name for the Homer Laughlin China Company's line of brightly-colored plates, bowls, pitchers, mugs, and other dishware. It can be identified by its concentric circles that gradually get closer together and by its mark of "Fiesta" on the back. Fiesta was first manufactured in 1936. Production ceased in 1973 and was started up again in 1986, much to the delight of housewares lovers everywhere.

Used in millions of homes, Fiesta is one of the most popular items for sale on eBay and at antique malls. Through the years, Fiesta has maintained its popularity. In fact, it is the most collected line of dinnerware and one of the most sought-after collectors items. But why is it so popular? And why do people hoard vintage pieces and retired colors? Why is there so much excitement when the company adds a new color? What, exactly, is the big obsession with these dishes? Or are they more than dishes?

In the documentary DISHES, producer Amy Levine seeks answers to these questions, ultimately looking to find the answer to the bigger question, "Why do people collect things?" Available on DVD in July 2004, we are currently seeking broadcast distribution.To contact Amy, please send an email to

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor: Amy Levine

Executive Producer: Gary Glaser

Original Music: Jonathan Hughes


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