Fiesta Sites

Homer Laughlin China: The company that makes Fiesta. You can buy dishes and more online at the outlet.

HLCCA: The Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association site. This is the official collectors group. They have been very wonderful and supportive of the project.

Medium Green: Information on collecting Fiesta and message boards.

Go Fiesta!: Thorough and informative site by Fred, who has lots and lots of dishes. He's won six (six!) HLCCA exhibit awards.

FiestaWire: Another site for Fiesta collectors.

Fiesta Fanatic: And another.

Happy Heidi: Another still.


Fiesta Books

Collector's Encyclopedia of Fiesta

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Homer Laughlin China

Fiestaware (Little Book)

Post 86 Fiesta: Identification and Value Guide

Fiesta, Harlequin, and Kitchen Kraft Dinnerwares


Other Sites of Interest

Donut Day: A documentary about 24 hours in the life of a locally-owned donut shop. Co-produced by Amy Levine and Dhera Strauss.

Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo: Local organization that is very supportive of the arts and gave me a grant to make DISHES. They are also a super nice group of ladies.

Irving S. Gilmore Foundation: The foundation that runs the local Emerging Artists Grant Fund. (The money for my grant from the Arts Council came from them.)

Downtown Kalamazoo: I live in Kalamazoo. (Town motto: "Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo!") This is the promotional site for the downtown area.

Glaser Productions: D I S H E S executive director.

Jonathan Hughes: The freakishly talented Señor Hughes has agreed to compose some music for DISHES. Word is, he's actually sampled things clanging on Fiesta.

Los Bandits: Documentary about a Southwest Michigan Tex-Mex band by local producer (and good pal) Dhera Strauss. Dhera and I worked together on the "Neighbors in the Square" project.


If you have a website dedicated to Fiesta, I would be happy to link to it. Please email the URL to